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K9 Advantix®II for dogs

Why am I still seeing fleas after applying K9 Advantix®II to my dog?

Although K9 Advantix®II kills fleas on your dog, there may still be fleas in your home that jump on after your dog has been treated. This just proves that your dog’s environment has already been contaminated by fleas.

Thankfully, with K9 Advantix®II, once the new fleas jump onto your dog they will also be killed through contact. As the fleas die, they are no longer able to hold onto your dog’s skin. As a result, you may be seeing dying fleas that are coming to the surface of your dog’s fur coat. Keep in mind that it can take some time for all the fleas to complete their lifecycle, jump on to your dog and then to be killed by K9 Advantix®II even though the product is working.

How old does my dog need to be for me to use K9 Advantix®II?

K9 Advantix®II can be used on puppies eight weeks and older.

How soon can I bathe my dog after giving them K9 Advantix®II?

If your pet needs bathing, please bath your pet, allow your pet to dry and then apply K9 Advantix®II. If a bath is necessary between applications, use an unmedicated shampoo specifically designed for dogs.

Baths can be given as often as once per month without affecting the performance of the product. If more than one bath is given, K9 Advantix®II should be reapplied after the second bath.

How do I store and dispose of K9 Advantix®II?

Store K9 Advantix®II below 30° C. Protect it from freezing and always keep out of reach of children. Dispose of the empty K9 Advantix®II tube in household garbage.

Can I use K9 Advantix®II if my dog is on medication?

Please consult your dog’s veterinarian to discuss appropriate products to use in conjunction with any other medications your dog may be taking.

I only see fleas on one of my dogs. Do I really need to treat them all?

Definitely. Fleas can jump so all the dogs in your home should be treated. If only one of your dogs has fleas, it won’t take long before they all do. If all dogs are not treated the fleas will continue their cycle of feeding and producing eggs and infesting your home.

My dog stays indoors. Do I still need to use K9 Advantix®II?

Absolutely! Even dogs that spend the majority of their time indoors should be treated with K9 Advantix®II because fleas and ticks can be brought into your home without you even realizing it.

Can I use K9 Advantix®II on my dog if I also have a cat in the house?

Yes, however, if your cat has close contact with your dog or grooms your dog keep your cat separated from your K9 Advantix®II - treated dog for up to 48 hours. Once the 48-hour period is over it should be safe for your dog and cat to resume their interactions.

Can I use K9 Advantix®II on my cat?

No. K9 Advantix®II is very dangerous for cats because of their unique physiology and their inability to metabolize certain compounds.[TH1] K9 Advantix®II should never be used on cats.

Add K9 advantix II should never be used on cats. [TH1]

Is K9 Advantix®II safe for dogs?

Yes, K9 Advantix®II is safe for dogs.

Why do I need a product that kills through contact?

A treatment that reduces tick bites by killing them through contact reduces the risk of ticks attaching and feeding. This, in turn, reduces the transmission of diseases.

Can my children still pet my dog if treated with K9 Advantix®II?

Yes. Always allow the application site to dry first.

How long does K9 Advantix®II last?

K9 Advantix®II should be applied monthly.

How does K9 Advantix®II work?

With oral flea and tick medications, the parasites have to bite your dog to be exposed to the medication in your dog’s blood before they are killed. K9 Advantix®II kills fleas and ticks without the need for a blood meal, reducing irritation and the risk of transmission of diseases to your dog.

What is the difference between how K9 Advantix®II is applied and kills fleas and ticks compared to oral flea and tick products?

K9 Advantix®II is a topical treatment so it’s applied to your pet’s skin and will kill fleas and ticks on dogs through contact. K9 Advantix®II also reduces tick bites.

Oral flea products, in contrast, are active in the bloodstream, which means fleas must bite your pet to be killed.