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Are ticks increasing in my area?

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Ticks are nasty parasites that can transmit serious diseases like Lyme disease to your dog…and your family. Find out if ticks are in your region and if their numbers are on the rise. If they are, you need to take action!

Are ticks increasing in my area?

Ticks are both increasing in number and expanding their territory across Canada in the past five years. This is mainly due to warmer temperatures and the wider dispersion of ticks on animal hosts such as mice, raccoons, deer and so on. They also get picked up by migratory birds and are carried northward. With the expansion of ticks, there has also been a sharp increase in reported cases of tick-borne diseases in dogs.

Tick-borne disease prevalence map

There are also tools available online to help you identify, report and track ticks found in Canada.

Check out the following resources managed by Canadian Universities:

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