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From “roll over” to “take a bow”, training your dog to do tricks can be a fun, enriching experience. Dogs enjoy training because they get lots of…
Training a cat to use a litter box doesn’t have to be difficult or messy.

Bringing home, a new kitten or cat is an exciting time. You…
After much anticipation, you’ve finally brought your new pup home. Congratulations! Up until now your puppy has been taught how to act by their mom…

Training | My Pet & I

Training your pet can be tough, and we’re here to help. Use our experts’ favorite pet training tips to make your pet training go as smoothly as possible.

Training | My Pet & I

Old or young, you can teach any dog a new trick. Our dog training tips will help you learn how to train your dog. 

Training | My Pet & I

Training your cat is possible– and we’re here to help. Learn expert tips and tricks that will help you figure out how to train your cat purr-fectly.